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01.6701.4706 Venus Factor Karatbars 12 Week Plan is an independent insurance agency in Idaho specializing in health insurance and everything related to it from individual health insurance plans for the self employed to group health, life insurance, Medicare plans, dental insurance, and maternity plans.  Please view the links at the left to get more information on the specific kinds of insurance we provide. 

For easy reference, here are the links to apply online to get free quotes for individual health insurance plans in Idaho with the 3 largest Idaho health insurance companies:
Blue Cross of Idaho Quotes          PacificSource Health Plans of Idaho Quotes     Regence BlueShield of Idaho Quotes               
        Apply with Blue Cross            &nbs p;        Apply with PacificSource            &nbs p;Apply with Regence BlueShield

               ;               & nbsp;       
        ;               & nbsp;              Compare Idaho Health Insurance Plans

You can also call us at (208) 523-3340 or email us at

We provide insurance services to the entire state of Idaho, including:

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Nampa Health Insurance - Nampa Dental Insurance - Nampa Maternity Plans - Nampa Medicare Plans
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